Abicor Binzel

ABIMIG® A T LW welding torches from ABICOR BINZEL – flexible, light and cost effective!
Every welder wishes to get rid of uncomfortable body positions when welding and wants a torch with optimal fit for different welding tasks. The torch should be powerful, sturdy, as light as possible and adaptable to the specific welding job.
The ABIMIG® A T torch line has you covered. The changing and positioning system of the welding torch line allows the use of torch necks whose performance, geometry and alignment are matched as well as possible to the welding job. Changing the torch neck to the respective task is possible in nearly no time – without tools and even when wearing gloves. The torches are up to 50 % lighter than comparable standard torches and equipped with a handle design which, combined with the rotatable torch neck, allows the welder to work in the lowest fatigue posture. Long lasting spare parts and high performing torch necks round out the cost effectiveness of the torch.