KURT HAUFE Dresden, Germany

Abicor Binzel

Kurt Haufe Schweißtechnik Dresden – an important production facility out of the worldwide ABICOR BINZEL production network.
The highest levels of precision and quality are a hallmark of the entire ABICOR BINZEL production network. All over the globe the strict ABICOR BINZEL production standards are applied. Following the idea “Factory to the market” the different production facilities have core competences in different regional product lines, but also supply the world-wide ABICOR BINZEL sales channels with standard products.
Beside the production at the ABICOR BINZEL Headquarter in Buseck, Germany, near Gießen the Kurt Haufe Schweißtechnik in Dresden owns a top-of-the-line machinery park for mechanical production and produces & assembles the top selling air-cooled torch lines ABIMIG® GRIP A and ABIMIG® A T as well as high quality electrode holders. In addition to a lot of other products e.g. the innovative low weight Bikox® for air-cooled torch lines that needs highest production technology is “Made in Germany” by Kurt Haufe Schweißtechnik in Dresden.