MB EVO PRO welding torches tested at BOMAG

Abicor Binzel, Fronius, MIGAL.CO, Cloos, EWM, DVS Media

MB EVO PRO welding torches tested at BOMAG

ABICOR BINZEL’s new MB EVO PRO welding torches were thoroughly tested for industrial applications by the compaction machine manufacturer BOMAG. The new air- and liquid-cooled torches were used in the field of steel construction in various welding cells designed for complex components with a sheet thickness between 3 and 100 mm.

Fronius’ TPS/i with CMT functionality

With the new TPS/i CMT welding system, Fronius is combining the smart functions of its latest power source platform with the advantages of the most stable welding process. The centrepiece of the TPS/i CMT is the new and improved PullMig welding torch. It is lighter, more robust and more durable than its predecessor.

MIGAL.CO’s roller-guided wire feed hose Rolliner XL2

The Rolliner XL2 is the improved continuation of MIG WELD’s successful roller-guided wire feed hose. The individual elements contain a pair of rollers and are connected to one another via joints. Each element is turned by 90 degrees to the adjacent element whereby the welding wire is guided entirely by rollers.

CLOOS „All in one” at Atmos

Atmos, the Czech specialist in solid fuel boiler production, aims at delivering an optimal price-performance ratio for its customers. Since 2015, two QIROX „All in one” systems by Cloos have been used to weld boilers and have significantly expanded the company’s production capacity.

Geha B.V. optimises production processes with ewm Xnet

The Dutch company Geha B.V. manufactures fans, ventilator covers and steel structures for heat. Since March 2016, Geha has now used ewm Xnet modular quality management software to optimise its production processes. The first module of Xnet continuously tracks and documents all the welding parameters which are crucial for the welding process.

Aluminium Suppliers Directory 2017

DVS Media has recently published the 2017 edition of the Aluminium Suppliers Directory. In the more than 40 years since it was first published, the directory has become the leading reference work for the aluminium industry and affiliated fields.