Rounding edges DIN standard-compliant | Quick tip

More about the SMA-MINI models from Gerima:

Machines that can easily meet the strict DIN requirements are, for example, the MINI machine series from GERIMA Um DIN-standard-compliant According to DIN 1090, 2-4 mm radius in the area of ​​the paint preparation and 1-3 mm radius are optimal for avoiding notch effect.

The current grinding technique is not able to realize this optimal edge processing with a defined radius so. This is mainly because edge processing using angle grinders is rather inaccurate.

Processing methods with brush technology or grinding wheels or belts in a continuous process are often eliminated, since these are only suitable for edge breaking or deburring and slight rounding of edges up to a maximum radius of 1.5 mm. What remains is the milling process.

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